Industrial painting

We provide an industrial painting service for mechanical constructions and big-size machines. Our painting plant's measurements are m 18,00x6,00x5,00, with drying process by means of hot water up to 50°.


Sounds to me like they're trying to make counterfeiting seem bad for the consumer when its bad for them. Its only bad for us when we use it for IMPORTANT products like medicine and car stuff. But shoes, jewelry, 99% of other things are just better quality for cheaper. Work on lowering your product prices

Indoors we have got a pieces-moving plant with lifting force up to 8.000,00 k.

We have got two lorries with crane for home withdrawal and delivery. The service is available also by renting.


Boohooo. Tell nike adidas prada and all them to stop crying because they still make millions and millions a year still of cheap 'real' product they make in China and Taiwan