One axle - Tankers

Suited to transporting non-dangerous liquids (wastewater of olive oil production, septic tanks, digesters, etc.). It can be provided with stiff suspensions and leaf springs.

Titlesort descending Quotation Dimensions (Metres) Capacity (Kg) Tare (Kg) Tyres Brakes
B1C40 Request 3,00X1,25 4.000 (3.540 LT) 1.200 400/60-15.5 hydraulic
B1C60 Request 4,00X1,25 6.000 (4.770 LT) 1.570 355/50 R22.5 Hydraulic
B1C70 Request 4,60x1,40 6.000 (6.800 LT) 1.850 355/50 R22.5 Hydraulic